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This page is all about percussion. These instruments are played by striking with the hand or with a handheld or pedal operated stick or beater, or by shaking. This includes drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, bells and rattles. We have some great resources here to learn and grow as a percussionist. Practice to bring a level of professionalism and expertise to your performance. We have reviewed a few drumming websites here and found them to be very helpful and fun. After all if it isn’t fun, why would we do it? Some of these websites have a community network imbedded in them, some are straight forward lessons, practice and even virtual drumming.

In our experience we have found drummers to be a very valuable addition to the band and they are hard to find and keep. They are the backbone of every beat and you will find yourself in high demand.

Being a drummer improves focus, increases your knowledge of all things music and broadens your horizons in the music world to different instruments, sounds and styles of music from around the world. There are different types of drum kits from acoustic, electronic, jazz, rock and even congas and bongos. A percussionist would never get bored. The variety can’t be beat.

Getting involved with this art form is great exercise. It takes some energy to play and yet you need to be relaxed to have a good sound and get everything out of it. You are the rhythm, the underlying beat, you determine the speed and the whole band follows.

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