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Why Should You Play Piano?

There are many musical websites and I would like you to consider this to be a great piano website if it helps you. if you think I should include something that is not here, please contact me.

Why do you play piano? Piano playing is good for your brain and overall health. Learning the piano makes it easier to learn other instruments. Refocusing your energy on other endeavors makes you a more creative person. I believe that learning an instrument can help make you more popular and having a hobby such as this makes you a much more interesting person. The learning of notes, chords, sounds and how they all interact together helps your brain function in so many areas like Math, Science and English. These disciplines are all linked together.

The Positives

Learning and being involved so far into the zone can take you away from your problems. Therefore relieving stress and depression. Sharing your music and playing with others helps to develop your communication skills. Even when you think you are not learning something new, you are learning other things. Practicing and experimentation with your music opens many doors. You can meet many people who are very interesting and be able to work with them. There is a high degree of satisfaction to playing a musical instrument and the piano is tops.

You can play with so many emotions, joy, sorrow, hate and love. There is a comfort to be able to express yourself that is hard to do otherwise. Playing helps to show you to never give up. Learning how to play takes time and if you stick with it you will be successful. It shows you that you are capable and can be successful if you just stick with it. It helps teach and develop concentration, time management and improves memory.

I think a great piano website has all sorts of information from music sheets to music, exercises and inspiration. I will strive to bring together some great stuff for you here.