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This is a page dedicated to musical notation and more. Printable music sheets and lessons will appear here for anyone who wishes to learn and write music. I have had a lifelong relationship with music and during that lifetime I have explored a few genres. I’ve experienced styles from Jazz to Rock and Broadway I have enjoyed almost all of it.

I am always looking for ways to make this easier and jog my memory. Suppose more practice would really help. It has been really hard over the years with all the responsibilities we have now. Probably shouldn’t make excuses, but I do have other hobbies as well. Learning tablature was the next thing I did, thinking it would be easier, and it was to a certain extent.

I want to help those inspire an interest in music. Therefore I spend some of my energies in a variety of ways. including inspiration. I know that exposure to music at a young age is very beneficial. At any age it has many great benefits. Enjoying music can certainly change your mood.