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Learn to sing

Why sing, why now. Sing for joy, sing for sorrow. Connecting with others through song is a different type of connection and a worthwhile reason to learn to sing. The more connections we make the better life is. Singing is a meaningful activity and there is just nothing like it. It expresses our humanity in multiple ways. We hear the human voice and cadence before we are even born. The voice is all around us.

Singing can help to develop speech, singing with babies improves their speech. Practicing singing can help you have a more powerful speaking voice subsequently leading to better self-esteem. You can gain more control over your voice therefore gaining confidence when you speak. There are examples of people who stutter, yet have no stutter when they sing. Singing can help to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Singing releases endorphins and the more you sing the more happy you feel. Anything that is pleasurable is potentially addictive, most importantly this addiction is probably a very safe one to have. Your voice has the power to heal others as well as yourself.