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Playing guitar is a form of escapism and is beneficial to your overall well being. It will help to develop a greater sense of personal achievement. Being in the zone is a time when you are fully immersed and actually enjoying yourself. I don’t believe guitar playing should be boring or a chore.

No matter what is going on, when I pick up a guitar, everything seems to melt away. I become so entrenched in trying a new chord or learning a new song that it gives my mind a rest from other soul sucking issues. Playing is a form of therapy, improves concentration and memory, fine motor skills and helps with stress. Some studies show that guitar players who play about 100 minutes a day have better blood pressure and lower heart rates than those who do not. Children with ADHD can benefit with improved drive and discipline. Playing guitar will Focus their energy into something creative and positive.

Creativity has long been known for its great ability to ease the mind, express yourself and gain a network of support. Finding your tribe cannot be underestimated. Social activity with like minded people is very cathartic. We are not alone and playing with others is a great pastime.
Acoustic Guitars

A wonderful warm full sound.

Learn how to play an Acoustic guitar

Practice riffs, techniques, beginner songs.

At Beginner Guitar Headquarters are all sorts of tips and tricks to help you learn. Check them out here:
Your electric sound

There are many ways to tweak that sound and find what you want.
Learn Electric Guitar

Never stop learning.

Bass Guitars

Cool site with free lessons to get you started.

Banjo bridge missing a string

Guitar String Replacement

Violin String Replacement

Replacing Strings

Regular maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your instrument in tip top shape.

How Often Should You Change Guitar Strings? [3 Options, Depending on Your Situation] (

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